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The Membership of the Mount Pearl Soccer Association Hall of Fame includes:


Keith Smith - 2022

Keith volunteered with MPSA for over 16 years, as a coach, manager, Director, Vice President, and President. From 2001 to 2008 he volunteered as a House league coach for both the Girls and Boys leagues. Then he moved into the All-Star program spending 6 years as a team manager from 2007-2012. In 2012 Kieth served as Team Manager for the NLSA U14 team  As his children got older he coached the MPSA Girls Intermediate team for 2015 and 2016. In 2006 Ken felt he could make a difference off the field and ran for the MPSA executive. He was successful and was elected and remained there for another 8 years. Keith’s first role was the Ways and Means Director, he was very connected in the community and had knowledge of obtaining funding for improvements to the soccer complex. From 2008 to 2011 Keith served as vice-president and during this time his ideas started to come to fruition. In 2008 he was instrumental in obtaining funding for the lights on middle Smallwood. In 2009,  MPSA was in the right place at the right time regarding funding programs that became available from the federal government. There was a lot of talk about a Turf field and Kielth said “Let's do it”. He disappeared for a few days and came back with a business plan. His business skills and knowledge allowed MPSA to put forth a plan to support our request to the Federal Government. Without this plan, we would not have been able to obtain the funding necessary for the Turf. Keith was the receiver of the MPSA President's Award in 2009 and Served as the treasurer of the MPSA 40th Anniversary Committee. He was also responsible for introducing MPSA and several other soccer associations to Ian Marshall and his Leister City teammates. They would come during the summer to do week-long camps for the children.

Alison Jones - 2022

Alison played for MPSA for a total of 29 years from 1983-2012. During that period she played in the Allstar “A” divisions from U12-U18. Alison was named the Captain many times leading her team to victory. During her time with MPSA, she was a member of several teams that won the Provincial Championship: 1993, 1955, 2000, 2002, 2002, 2005, and 2009, in 2002 she was named the MVP of Jubilee Sr. Ladies League. and attended many national competitions representing MPSA. She also played for the MUN Seahawks from 1995 to 1997 and then moved to NB where she made the UNB Varsity Reds Women's Team from 1997, 1998, and 1999. Alison was a nominee for NLSA Player of the Decade for 2000-2010. 

“Alison was one of those players who left it all on the field. She was a Leader! She played as tough and as clean as any player can possibly play without crossing the line. Her respect for her opponents enabled her to perform at a level that they recognized as pure competitiveness.”

Victor Dray - 2022

In 1987 Victor started playing soccer with MPSA at the young age of 5 years old. At 10 years old he made the MPSA BU12 “A” team and played the remainder of his youth career playing in the “A” division. At the age of 14, he was a regular call-up for the men’s Challenge Cup team and was permanently added to the roster at the age of 16. In 2003 MPSA won the Challenge Cup Trophy and Victor was the team’s captain. Some of the awards he received while playing Challenge Cup are: League MVP, Top Defender, Most Spirited, and All-Star team. 

Victor made the NLSA BU15 team at the age of 13 and played for another 2 years in that division for NLSA, then he represented NL for another 3 years on the BU18 team. Furthermore, he was a member of the NLSA Canada Games team that won the silver medal in London Ontario in 2001. His talent took him on many trips throughout Canada and England - allowing him to show his skills and play at the highest level for his age. In 1995, Victor traveled to South Port England and in 1998 he did another tour in Manchester England. Victor played in 1999/2001 for the MUN Seahawks and was selected as an AUS All-Star. Also in 1999, he was 1 of 4 Newfoundlanders selected as a member of the U18 Atlantic team and trained in Halifax, Nova Scotia for most of that summer.

Malorie Harris - 2022

Malorie began playing at MPSA at the age of 5. Her first all-star team was at the age of 9 when she made the GU11 team, from there she was a leader and standout player for MPSA Youth selects teams until 2005. Also being a member of the Mount Pearl NL Summer U13 Girls team. Malorie played with the 2004,2005 and 2007 MPSA Jubilee teams, she scored the winning goal for the MPSA Ladies Jubilee team in overtime to win the finals.  In 2005 she was named the NLSA Junior Player of the Year, she was the NLSA Senior Female Player of the Year 5 times, 3 times St. John’s Athlete of the Year, won Sports NL Senior Player of the Year, and was the Top scorer Golden Boot winner twice at the National Jubilee. Recently was named NLSA Female Player of the Decade for 2010-2020. 

Malorie continued playing soccer at the Provincial level, from 2008 to 2015 she played for Kirby United, and from 2016 to 2022 with Holy Cross totaling 17 Provincial Championships. Malorie is the Golden Boot leader for all-time goals at the National Jubilee Trophy tournaments in Canada. She became the all-time scoring leader with her past performance at the 2022 Nationals scoring another two goals in that event.  Her University career was second to none, playing for the MUN Seahawks Ladies Soccer Team from 2005-2009. As a freshman, she was selected to the AUS 2nd team Allstar team. Then was a 1st Team AUS Allstar for the next 4 years, and in 2007 selected a 2nd Team CIAU Allstar.  She always wanted to do her best for the team and her coaches.”

Mark Reddy - 2022

Mark Reddy was a fixture playing for the Black and Gold for a period of 32 years from 1986-2018. At the young age of 5 Mark excelled on the field, his first mini-tournament was in the Under 8 division in 1988. From there his talent allowed him to play at the highest level of soccer. At the age of 8, he was selected for the U10 team and had huge success. From 1992-1999 he continued to play on the MPSA “A” all-star teams from U12 to U19. At the age of 15 Mark was recognized and asked to play on the MPSA Challenge Cup team and traveled with the team to Lawn. He continued to play for the MPSA Challenge Cup team for another 12 years, winning the Provincial championship in 2003, furthermore, Mark was the Captain for 10 seasons. Provincially and Nationally Mark shined: In 1997 & 1998 he was the Captain of the BU16 & BU18 Provincial Team winning the Gold at the Atlantics. In 1988 he was the team Captain of the MPSA BU17 team that won the Provincial championship. Other highlights in 1988 for Mark were on the Team of the Year and a finalist for the Male Athlete of the Year for Mount Pearl Sports Alliance, and he was named MVP in the Intermediate playoffs. 1999-2002 he played for MUN’s Men’s Soccer Team. 1999-2001 he was the Captain of the NL Provincial team that played in the Canada Summer Games won the Silver medal and won the Gold medal in 2000 at the Pre Games Atlantic tournament. from 2018-2021 Mark played for the Holy Cross masters team. Mark continues to give back to MPSA as he continues to work with our youth as a coach. 

Team leader who led by example and always showed up to play his best.”

Leah Blackburn O'Grady - 2022

Leah’s soccer career started in 1993 at the age of 7 in the GU9 program. She continued playing soccer for MPSA in the all-star program until 2002 - winning many awards during that time: in 2000 she won the Robert J Woods Memorial Scholarship, she was the Summer games team Captain, MVP of the Senior league as well as top goal scorer. In 2001 & 2002 Leah was Mount Pearl Sport Alliance Female Athlete of the Year and in 2001 she was the City of Mt. Pearl Female Athlete of the Year.  

At the Provincial level, Leah was the MVP in 1998 in the Invitational Tournament between MPSA and ASIA. She also played for the MPSA Summer Games team. Leah also earned Breen’s 2001 Jubilee trophy All-Star, 2002 MSPA MSP U18, and NLSA Jr. Female Player of the Year. In 2003  Leah was the NLSA Female Player of the Year and received the Golden Boot Award as well as the Guards Association Athlete of the Year scoring 41 goals. In 2004, Leah once again won the Breen’s Golden Boot and Jubilee trophy MVP. At the National level, Leah was selected to the NLSA Regional Training Centre from 1999-2003. At just 15, she was the youngest member of the Canada Games team. Also, in 2002 she made four trips to the Regional Training Center in Halifax. In 2001, Leah was offered 3 scholarships by Canadian Universities.

At the International level, Leah played for Team Canada U17 in 2001 and played against the USA, Germany, and IMG Academy GU19. In 2002-03 she was offered 3 scholarships by USA University: Alabama, Vermont, and Tennessee. She decided on Bethel College having a fantastic career receiving a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Masters of Education. On the field she was recognized for her talent:  In 2004 she was regularly acknowledged as Player of the Week and Rookie of the Year. She was Offensive Player of the Year in 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007. In 2010 Leah’s Jersey #7 was retired at Bethel University and in 2019 Leah was inducted in Bethel University’s Hall Of Fame. She was the first Female Soccer Player inducted into Bethel’s Hall of Fame. Leah set the record for the highest number of goals scored by either men’s or women’s team, which still stands today at 97 goals.

“There are soldiers and artists on every team. Leah is an artist on her ability and a soldier on her heart. She is a real gem.”

Jonathon Kelly - 2019

Jon Kelly Represented Mount Pearl Soccer Association as a player for some 24 years from 1990-2013, from under 8 through to Challenge Cup. Jon was also a member of the Memorial Seahawks for five years 2002-2006, also never missed a year of the provincial team from U11 to U18, was a Challenge Cup all-star for 8 years, Challenge Cup Top Defender 2013, Senior Male Player of the Year for the NLSA 2006, AUAA first team all-star on two occasions and second team once.

Notwithstanding Jon's playing career, he was also very active in coaching in the MPSA system from 2005-2013 and in the provincial program from 2015-2016.
Jon Kelly was a physical, intelligent, and highly skilled player. His quiet but yet powerful approach to the game made him respected by teammates and feared by opponents. Always a consistent performer who came through in big games by not only shutting down opposing strikers but also chipping in with timely goals. One of the hardest-working and talented defenders with a rare combination of strength, speed, and skill, always played with a great spirit and respect for the game. Undoubtedly the toughest and most consistent defender to ever play Challenge Cup for Mount Pearl. Jon only knew how to play one way and that was hard so much so that I was more concerned for his teammates in training than I was for opponents in league matches. Some testimonies from former coaches and fellow teammates.

While unfortunately his playing career was cut somewhat short in 2013, it is quite evident that Jon Kelly had an extremely positive effect on the Mount Pearl Soccer Association for 24 years as a minor player, senior player, and also a minor all-star and provincial coach. It is with great pleasure we welcome Jon Kelly into the Mount Pearl Soccer Association Hall of Fame.

Dave Bailey - 2019

David Bailey's playing career with Mount Pearl Soccer Association epitomizes the consistent competitive qualities, work ethic, leadership, and skill necessary to achieve a high standard of success. His dedication to the MPSA teams he played with, from minor to masters, is documented and confirmed by those who coached him and also his teammates. There is no doubt that Dave Bailey was a great asset to the early development and promotion of the game in Mount Pearl.
As a former teammate and coach of Dave, Angus Barrett, gives the following testimony, " I would add that Dave is one of a select few to play at all levels of soccer for MPSA, from the earliest age group through to masters. He was a true team player as he was not concerned with individual awards but was only interested in the success of his team."

For a total of 36 years, Dave played every age group and division from minor to masters with the same determination and work ethic and is now welcomed as a member of the Mount Pearl Soccer Association Hall of Fame.

Don Coaker - 2017

As one of the early minor coaches and executive members of the MPSA (1974-1982) Don was an important part of those volunteers who helped build the association from its grassroots to one of the most successful minor soccer bodies in Newfoundland if not Eastern Canada. Don came on board with a high standard of athletic qualifications and work ethic. His track and field and running accomplishments are documented and together with playing soccer in the St John's league was a highly respected and welcome addition to the MPSA program. As with most MPSA volunteers in the early 70's they were jack of all trades and Don was no exception, for the first couple of years Don coached several teams in the Boys U10 house league and also the select team which won the annual U10 Invitational tournament, he then moved on to the Boys U14 team and also co-coached the Boys U14 all-stars to a silver medal at the provincial tournament.

From 1977 to 1982 Don served on the MPSA Executive as a director, and continued as a house league coach, official, and co-ordinator of various boys divisions, during this period the association was developing and growing into a major youth-oriented sports body in Mount Pearl with the development of the soccer hut on Upper Smallwood and the formation of the girls' divisions. Don also found time to play and officiate with the MPSA Men's Senior Recreation League and the MPSA Masters team which competed in the St John's league gaining a reputation as a very competitive player. In 2009 it was decided to for a MPSA Alumni comprised of past players, coaches, volunteers, and executives, the task of contacting several hundred people was taken on by 8 individuals and Don didn't hesitate to be included in that 8 and the MPSA Alumni was formed. Since that time these alumni members have volunteered and attended Challenge Cup Final weekends and National Tournaments that MPSA hosts. Don Coacker gave freely of his time and talents during the early days of the MPSA and still continues to help with the Alumni. 

Wally Lawrence - 2017

Some 45 years ago Wally Lawrence made his debut with the minor soccer program in Mount Pearl, first with the Kinsmen minor soccer program in 1971-1972 and then a further 12 years as a minor coach and official with the MPSA, during that time he also served 7 years as director on the MPSA Executive and was heavily involved literally and physically with the completion of Upper Smallwood and the introduction of the female soccer program. As a former player in the St John's soccer league, he continued his playing career with the MPSA Recreational league and also played on the masters team that represented Mount Pearl in the provincial competition. In 1992 Mount Pearl hosted the Masters Provincial Tournament and Wally was awarded the Most Gentlemanly and Effective Player of the Tournament.

In many ways Wally Lawrence's actions as a senior player, minor coach, and executive member had many similarities, whether on the field as a player or as an official, on the sidelines as a coach, or even around the board table as an executive Wally made his points and views clear and concise. His 20-plus years contributing to the development of the minor program, and men's recreation league, and positive work as an executive member during the building years certainly helped to put the MPSA on the road to achieving the success it has today.

Sam Pretty - 2017

When one thinks of Sam Pretty it is usually his tremendous playing career with Holy Cross that comes to mind, however, if you were living in Mount Pearl in 1969 and had boys playing with the Kinsmen program then Sam may have been one of the coaches or officials within the program. Sam was one of many ex-soccer players who helped run and organize the kinsmen program and also one of the first people to stand for election with the newly formed Mount Pearl Soccer Association in 1973. Whether it was Sam's reputation as a player that preceded him or the enthusiasm he showed as a minor coach, he was a leader in promoting the game of soccer to all he came in contact with.

From 1973 to 1978 Sam was a member of the MPSA executive which were crucial years for any new organization, during that time frame the minor program progressed from the Kinsmen fall program to a summer seasonal program with the emphasis being placed on increasing minor registration, developing playing facilities and competing with other regions in Newfoundland. Sam was a major promoter of the Mount Pearl minor program as well as playing in the Mount Pearl recreational league and with the masters team. while coaching or officiating in the Mount Pearl minor program he also coached in the St John's 2nd division and intermediate leagues and was also an assistant coach of the MPSA Boys U16 all-star team which competed in the St John's Minor League.

The Mount Pearl Soccer Association was extremely fortunate that Sam Pretty was part of the initial group of volunteers that took several hundred boys and provided them with an opportunity to play the game of soccer. Sam Pretty was also recognized and inducted into the St John's Soccer Hall of Fame in 1984, the NLSA Hall of Fame in 1987, and the Mount Pearl Sports Hall of Fame in 1999.

Lana (North) Burns - 2017

Lana began her soccer career with the Mount Pearl Minor program as a U8 in 1981 and continued up through the program until 1990, along the way she was a member of the various minor A all-stars and ladies' teams that were highly successful in Provincial competitions. A summary of her minor and senior achievements are as follows:

  • Member of the MPSA youth soccer teams that won seven provincial titles
  • Member of the MPSA youth soccer teams that won more than twelve provincial and Atlantic championships
  • Member of the MPSA ladies senior soccer team that won three provincial jubilee titles
  • Member of the MPSA summer games team that won the provincial summer games championship
  • Member of the Mount Pearl Senior High girls team that won 3 consecutive 4 A provincial championships
  • Member of the Newfoundland & Labrador Canada Games team at the Canada Games in BC
  • Member of Acadia Axettes soccer team for five years, assistant team captain for two years, and team captain for one year

Personal awards: Won Brain Sullivan Scholarship 1991, Named Acadia University Female Freshman Athlete of the Year 1992, AUAA first team all-star 1996.

Simply put Lana (North) Burns was a tremendous asset to the Mount Pearl Soccer Association and to any team she played with, she was an outstanding competitor from her youth and senior competition at the local and provincial levels and to university and national levels. Her high level of playing skills and her ability on the soccer field were only matched by her positive leadership and sportsmanship. Lana's love of the game and her contribution to the Mount Pearl Soccer Association is recognized and appreciated by the association, her former coaches, and her co-players.

Ron O'Neill - 2017

For nearly twenty years Ron has volunteered and played a very positive role and still does in the development and promotion of soccer in Mount Pearl while starting at the grassroots in 1999 coaching his daughter's house league team he quickly got involved being a very successful all-star coach with various age groups and levels, Ron was also the innovator and developer of the first computerized registration system for the MPSA and also a main player in the development of the MPSA Hall of Fame by-laws and nomination and selection process. While serving on many internal committees Ron was always prepared to take the lead and served as Chair on many of these committees, his positive attitude and ability to voice his opinions for the betterment of the association together with his countless hours of volunteering has had a major role in the success of the various programs within the organization. A Brief summary of Ron's activities and achievements in coaching and administrative positions are as follows,

  • MPSA House League, U8 - 4 years, GU10 - 4 years, GU12 - 2 years
  • MPSA Winter House League,  Years with two teams each year
  • Winter Carnival Indoor, 3 years with 2 teams each year 
  • MPSA All-Star Teams, Girls U12B, Girls U12A, Girls U14A, Girls U16A (2Years) Girls U18A
  • MPSA Summer Games Teams, 2004-2009 with 7 all-star teams
  • Ron still continues to give his time each February to referee in the Frost Festival
  • Eight years with MPSA as an Executive, Seven years as NLSA rep for MPSA, NLSA rep for 7 CSA or Atlantic Championships, and NLSA Secretary 2017.

Since 1999 Ron has been an extremely active and busy volunteer for the MPSA with a reputation for multi-tasking and completing his work for the betterment of the association and youth of Mount Pearl, he continues to make himself available and will always help out by finding answers to questions others might have.

Jennifer Andrews -  2015

Jennifer had great success in soccer from an early age, winning provincial championships every year from 1987 at the U12 division up to 1993 at the U18 division. During her time as a minor player, she also represented the province at 10 National championships plus the Canada Games in 1993. While being 14 and 16, Jennifer played on the Provincial U18 team which represented the province at 3 National Championships in 1989, 1990, and  1991. During her minor soccer days, Jennifer won the MPSA "Keith Burt" scholarship twice. In 1993 Jennifer represented the province at the Canada Games

At the National level, Jennifer played university soccer from 1993-1998 with Acadia where she was an AUAA all-star from 1994-1996. In 1995 Jennifer was a 1st team All-Canadian (All-Star), the league's top scorer, AUAA MVP, and Acadia's athlete of the year. In 1996 Jennifer was also honored by being named to the 2nd team all-Canadian (All-Star).

Benn Dunne who coached Jennifer for many years described her as a player who displayed true grit, determination, courage, sportsmanship, and fair play and was a pleasure to have coached at ten national championships and one Canada Games Competition.

Julie (Bulger) Fiander -  2015

Julie (Bulger Fiander was a very talented and dedicated soccer player who played seventeen years in the MPSA program from house league to the senior ladies' jubilee trophy team and she played five years with Memorial University. Julie started playing minor in 1981 and was a member of the GU12A team which won a provincial championship in 1987. In 1998-1998 Julie played on the MPSA GU14A team which won two provincial championships and represented Newfoundland and Labrador at the nationals in Halifax and Ottawa respectfully. Julie became the first Newfoundlander to score a goal in the minor national competition.

In 1990 Julie played on the GU16A which won the provincial championship, represented the province at the nationals and also won the Gunn Balderson in NS. In 1991 while playing on the GU16 team and winning the provincial championship she was named MVP. Julie also played on the Jubilee team, which also won the provincial championship and represented the province at nationals in Saskatchewan. In 1992-1993 Julie won provincial championships with the GU18A and GU19A teams, Both times winning the right to represent the province at national championships held in Halifax and Edmonton. From 1994-1997 Julie played with the MPSA Jubilee team which won the provincial championships in 1995, 1996, and 1997.

Julie was a member of the Memorial University varsity team for 5 years from 1993-1997 and was a member of the MPSA 1990 GU16A teams that were selected by the Mount Pearl Sports Hall of Fame in 2011 to the team Honour Roll. In 2012 Julie was honoured by being inducted to the Mount Pearl Sports Alliance Hall of Fame in the Athlete Category.

John Nolan -  2014

John Nolan - moved to Mount Pearl in 1983, presumably for one year only, and ended up staying for 23 years.  Certainly a plus for the Mount Pearl Soccer Association and the community of Mount Pearl.  John became the Treasurer of the MPSA from 1983 until 1986 and then in 1986 served as President of the MPSA until 1990.  He then served one year as Director of the MPSA and also the MPSA representative with the NLSA.  

John’s tenure with the MPSA was extremely busy and found him not only as Treasurer, Director, and President of the Association but Minor coach and official with MPSA house leagues; Convenor of Boys Under 8 house league, and coach of the Boys Under 8 and 10 house league teams; Coach of Boys U12 All-Star teams; Asst. Coach Mount Pearl Boys Newfoundland Summer Games team (gold medal winners); Asst. Coach Mount Pearl Boys U14 All-Star team (winners of Provincial and Atlantic Championships); Coach of Mount Pearl Boys U17 All-Stars. 

John’s off-field activities were just as busy and included Co-Chair of the National Boys & Girls U16 Club tournament hosted by St. John’s/Mount Pearl (1987); President of MPSA when Mount Pearl hosted the Newfoundland & Labrador Summer Games with male and female soccer being two of the top competitions.  

It can be said that John Nolan was a “hands-on” executive member and volunteer of the Mount Pearl Soccer Association.  Not only did he have the professional background and experience to be an extremely capable Treasurer and President of the MPSA, but also possessed a valuable background as a player and coach in several competitive sports including soccer.  John’s contributions on and off the field in the 1980s and early 1990s were significant to the promotion and development of minor soccer in Mount Pearl. 

Brian O’Keefe - 2014

Brian O’Keefe - for some 26 years Brian has been a fixture around the Mount Pearl Soccer Association and as can be noted from his many and varied activities he was prepared to give freely of his time and talent. 
Brian could be called a “Jack Of All Trades” with involvement and responsibility ranging from house league; registration; communications, officials; and Vice-President of the Association. 
Volunteering was as 12 months, year-round, involvement for Brian, including the Summer house league and all-star programs and in the Winter with the boys and girls indoor leagues plus the MPSA-sponsored Winter Carnival (Frosty Festival) indoor soccer tournaments.  His involvement with the MPSA Executive was many and varied and included Director of registration, communications, officials, plus chair of scholarship and awards committee. 
Never shying away from volunteering, Brian epitomizes how the MPSA grew and developed over the past 30 years because of the strong volunteer base and individuals who always said “yes” when asked to get involved.  The Mount Pearl Soccer Association and the youth of Mount Pearl are very fortunate to have received and continue to receive the volunteer services of Brian O’Keefe.

Mike Mooney - 2012

Mike began as a minor house league coach and conveyor for various invitational and provincial tournaments in the late 1980s. Mike is well known for his administrative and organizing skills and also the ability to recruit qualified volunteers for specific projects. Since the mid-1990s Mike's involvement evolved from the local and provincial scene to the national scene on many occasions. Initially a host committee member for a number of national tournaments hosted by Mount Pearl and St John's and then Chairperson of the host committee for the 2005 Adidas Cup.

Mike has been involved with soccer in Mount Pearl for 20-plus years and has imparted much of his personal expertise for the betterment of MPSA minor and senior programs, whether it is the responsibility for a national tournament with over 20 teams or carrying the water bottles across the field for the men's CC team, Mike ensures both tasks are completed to the best of his ability. Mike took on the role of co-chair for the MPSA 40th anniversary celebration. Mike was also instrumental in the MPSA archive/legacy project and the Munn scholarship program.

Walt Mavin - 2012

Whether Walt is recognized as a former player with the Grand Bank and Burin Peninsula all-star teams, Coach of Mount Pearls Men's CC team for 16 years, or executive member/president of the MPSA, the words "Commitment, Dedication, and Professionalism" can be associated with him, he has also been described as an individual who performs a task in a quietly efficient and thorough manner and always looked at the big picture. Those attributes have been significantly beneficial to the MPSA for some 17 years. The amount of time Walt has given to the Mount Pearl Soccer Community whether on or off the field is immeasurable and hopefully will continue for some time to come.

While Walt's contributions cannot always be measured with success the yearly consistent competitiveness of the Challenge Cup team and the groundwork during his tenure as president of MPSA for the construction of the new soccer hut and field turf facility can be considered a positive legacy of Walt's contribution and involvement. His being rewarded "Coach of the Year" by the NLSA on two occasions, the City of Mount Pearl on three, and receiving the "Adult Working with Youth in Sport Award" by the Mount Pearl Sport Alliance is also a testament to the high regard for Walt's contribution in the community and the province.

Paul Miller - 2012

For 25 years Paul Miller has been actively involved with the game of soccer at both a local, provincial, and national level. His reputation as an outspoken volunteer for the MPSA is only overshadowed by his reputation as an individual who can be depended on to fulfill commitments made. Like so many volunteers that started off at the house league ranks as a minor coach or official. Paul developed from a strong promoter of the house league system to a promoter and administrator of the total bigger soccer picture in Mount Pearl and the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Since 1987 when Paul began his involvement with MPSA as a minor coach and official he has contributed and still does immensely for the betterment of the soccer community. His 12 years serving on the MPSA executive is a testimony to his dedication and commitment, as president for 4 years and vice-president for 3 he is a tireless volunteer who strives to maintain and build high standards of the MPSA. Paul is still a very active volunteer with the club and served on the Anniversary committee and was a member of organizing committees for our National Tournaments.

Dave LeGrow - 2012 

Honorary Life Member - 2017

For 20 years Dave LeGrow has contributed to the sport of soccer in Newfoundland and Labrador and in particular with MPSA at the minor and senior programs, from competently representing the NLSA and MPSA at various national and provincial tournaments and serving on many MPSA and NLSA executive committees, to serving hotdogs for the multitude of minor players at super soccer Saturday. Dave never once hesitated in volunteering his time and experience, Dave is recognized not only by the Mount Pearl soccer community for his expertise and experience in the various facets and programs but has also been called on to represent the province at various national tournaments which indicates a high level of confidence the NLSA and CSA have in Dave.

Dave's high school playing experience with Curtis Academy and PWC and for Gonzaga in the St John's Soccer League in the 1960s gave him a good background when it came to coaching boys and girls house league and all-star teams in the MPSA summer program, for some 15 years Dave was involved as a coach and referee with the MPSA winter indoor program and also the Frosty Festival indoor school tournament. Serving on the MPSA Executive for 12 years, 6 as treasurer, 3 as secretary, and 3 as a director. Dave can be described as a "go-to person", his experience on the local, provincial, and national soccer scene has been invaluable in ensuring that MPSA in particular administered its programs in a manner required by the various governing bodies. The Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Communities in general and the MPSA in particular have been very fortunate for many years to have an experienced and qualified volunteer such as Dave LeGrow in their ranks. Thank you Dave for your time, talent, and experience for the betterment of soccer in Canada.

Andrew Moyst - 2012

It was quite evident from a very young age Andrew had a passion for the game of soccer his competitive involvement runs from 1982-2012 from U10 selects to present-day masters. Involvement includes All-Star minor teams at U12 to U18, Challenge Cup, Intermediate and Masters. Winning several minor and senior provincial titles together with Intermediate and Masters titles in the St John's Senior League. Andrew was also selected to the U15 and U17 provincial all-star teams which competed in Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan. As a player with the Mount Allison men's team from 1991-1995, he achieved considerable recognition and received several awards or "Rookie of the Year", Teams top scorer, and team MVP, nominated twice for AUAA all-star.

In 1992 Andrew became involved with coaching with the all-star teams at MPSA. In 1996 became an assistant coach of the NLSA provincial U15 team and continued through 2005, and the same year was appointed Head Coach of the Canada Games Team. And from 1997-2003 was involved in coaching the MUN men's soccer team as an assistant coach, Andrew was a class 3 official with the MPSA house league from 1992 to 2000 and his love for officiating grew in 2011 when he became a regional referee in the St John's league and started officiant CC and JT games along with many national tournaments we hosted. For some 33 years, Andrew has been involved with the MPSA and is an individual who has earned the respect of the soccer community as a player, official, and still a coach in the system.

Gerry O'Brien - 2012

Gerry O'Brien is one of the most respected players to have played for the Mount Pearl minor and senior all-star teams he has been described by fellow and opposing players as "A Team Leader" and "Intense and Intimidating". After 24 years of competitive soccer wearing the black and yellow of MPSA, Gerry is still one of the top masters players in the province. His career with Mount Pearl includes minor all-star, Junior all-star, Intermediate, and Masters, not only was he a standout player but also took on the role of player/coach with the CC and Masters teams he also took responsibility for the teams' financial and administrative responsibilities for the teams that included much-needed liaison with the club's administration. Gerry was named to the CC all-star team in 1997 and 1998 and was named Top Defender in 1998. In 2007 Gerry was the MVP for the provincial masters tournament and then was picked up by the winner St Lawrence Masters team to represent NL in the Eastern Canadian Masters, where they and he went on to win a gold medal.
Gerry's contribution to the Mount Pearl minor and senior programs is also immeasurable from both a player, coach, and administrative standpoint, while still a very valuable player on the masters team he has now committed his time and expertise to successfully coaching minor teams both here at MPSA and with the NLSA. MPSA and the community of Mount Pearl are very fortunate to have a player of Gerry's caliber and commitment in the program today and for many years to come.

Roger Ruttgaizer - 2011 

From 1984 to 1995 Roger Ruttgaizer was a volunteer of high standards and energy with the Mount Pearl Soccer Association. The type of volunteer that many similar organizations would love to have.  As a member of the Executive, he assumed the positions of Director, Treasurer, and Vice President, plus Acting Secretary as required. From 1985 to 1998 Roger coached various boys house league teams and from 1986 to 1990 head coach and co-coach of Boys Under 12 and 14 all-star teams, winning two Provincial Championships along the way. In 1986 Roger obtained both his CSA “C” License National Coaching Certificate and CSA Class 3 officiating certificate. From 1987 to 1998 he officiated (referee and linesman) for MPSA house league games and also various Provincial minor tournaments. Whether as an executive member, a house league/all-star coach, or an official Roger took on each task with a positive and energetic outlook. His work ethic was of a very high standard and could be depended on to carry out to conclusion the many tasks he volunteered for. During his tenure on the executive he took on the challenge of developing an “Operating Manual” for the house league and many of the guidelines developed were adopted and possibly still used today. As a minor coach, Roger could be best described as a “no-nonsense coach” who again showed an aggressive work ethic towards the responsibility of coaching both house league and all-star teams. His teaming up with other experienced coaches at the all-star level had a very positive effect on the teams resulting in several Provincial championships.  Mount Pearl Soccer was extremely fortunate to have Roger for some 14 productive and quality years and only for moving to the mainland for work commitments would possibly still be a very active and valuable volunteer with the MPSA.

Raeleen (Dunne) Baggs - 2011

Raeleen (Dunne) Baggs - MPSA competitive soccer involvement runs from 1984 to 2008 and from Under 12 to Senior Ladies competition, a total of 26 years. Member of 7 consecutive Mount Pearl teams that won Provincial Minor Tournaments. Also a member of the Provincial U18 All-Star team and a member Newfoundland Canada Games team in BC in 1993. Raeleen’s individual awards on the Provincial and Local levels are numerous and include the prestigious “NLSA Senior Female Player of Decade 1990-1999”, plus various MVP, and Top Defender awards.  At the National level, Raeleen was invited twice to attend National Senior Identification Camps and named to 1st and 2nd all-star teams with the Atlantic and Canadian University Leagues. While playing University soccer she also received many awards for MVP, Player of the Year, and Athlete of the Year and also nominated for excellence in “leadership, athletics and academics” in the Atlantic University programs. One only has to read the complete history and bio for Raeleen to realize she set high standards for herself and succeeded in accomplishing her goals. It was evident from her play at a very young age that Raeleen was a team leader and led by example with her skill and commitment. Without hesitation Raeleen could be called a “role model” for the many players she played with and also those younger players who were and are just entering all-star and competitive soccer. Raeleen set and achieved personal standards and goals that not only benefited her as an individual but the sport of soccer on the local, Provincial, and National levels. The Mount Pearl Soccer Association has been very fortunate to have Raeleen in its program. 

Tom McGrath - 2011

Tom McGrath’s activities with minor soccer in Mount Pearl go back to 1971 as a minor coach with the Kinsmen minor soccer program which was not only sponsored by the Kinsmen Club of Mount Pearl but run by their members and other volunteers. After several years as a minor coach and in tandem with the formation of the Mount Pearl Soccer Association, Tom became the Secretary for five years 1974 to 1979 inclusive. While the playing or operational season in the early years was primarily confined to five or six months the work performed by the executive behind the scenes was year-round.  Some of Tom’s responsibilities and tasks as association Secretary included the development of the Upper Smallwood from 1975 - 1977 where on behalf of the MPSA communicated (verbal and written) with various material and equipment suppliers and contractors for quotes and information, and also a much needed close liaison with the Town Engineering Dept. and Town Manager. Also on behalf of the MPSA liaised with various Town departments (Town Manager and Recreation Dept.) for the use and scheduling of Town playing facilities; liaised with various school boards and individual schools for the use of facilities; communicated with and solicited sponsors; constant contact with MPSA executive members and scheduling of executive and various committee meetings; member of various internal committees including ways & means, equipment inventory, chairman for fundraising projects, etc.; coordinated and chaired special internal functions such as annual dance and presentations, executive dinner and social, and Annual General Meetings.   The foregoing tasks and activities required dedicated and conscientious time and effort to be successful. Tom was more than up to the task. Also remember these tasks were done without the use of email, cell phone, computers, etc. As a former member of the Holy Cross Senior Soccer team for five years in the mid-1960s, Tom’s playing experience was also invaluable when coaching the young players in the Kinsmen and MPSA house leagues. In summary, Tom McGrath can be described as an unassuming, hard-working, conscientious volunteer whose efforts and contributions especially in the early development stages of the Mount Pearl soccer program, can be recognized as a valuable contributor toward the smooth operation, development, and success of the Mount Pearl Soccer Association. 

Bob Hillier - 2011

For six years 1992 to 1998, Bob Hillier was one of the most colorful and proactive Presidents in the history of the MPSA (notwithstanding his 5 years as a minor coach from 1983 to 1988). During his tenure, there were many firsts and innovations for the Association. For example weekly bingo as a major fundraiser; fundraising BBQs and carwashes with proceeds going to various charities; minor teams going to England; hiring of first full-time Administrator and Technical Coach; hosting National minor tournaments; organizing and hosting “Cabot 97” activities with International Tournament and teams from BC and England participating; celebrated 25th Anniversary of MPSA with special events including first MPSA Hall of Fame inductions in 2003 and publication of 25th Anniversary Program.  While many of his activities are previously listed, Bob’s untiring work behind the scenes was sometimes taken for granted and not recognized. His ability to encourage people to become volunteers and to draw on individuals’ expertise, for the betterment of the soccer program, was second to none. To say that Bob had an influence on the direction that the MPSA was to take, especially with regard to the financial operation, is an understatement. His ability to entice (or cajole) businesses and individuals to become major sponsors with the MPSA; his ability to deal with various levels of Municipal, Provincial, and Federal agencies and get results; to spend or allocate finances on programs that ultimately benefit the Association such as full time Technical and Administrative positions are benchmarks that stand today.  Bob not only had a very successful and productive six-year tenure as President of the MPSA but also a productive and positive history with the local, Provincial, and National soccer scene for some 20 years. Without question, Bob can be recognized as one of the major contributors to the game and an influence on the status of the Mount Pearl Soccer Association today.

Bob Wood - 2010

1977 to 79 served two years on the Mount Pearl Soccer Association (MPSA) Executive as a Director. Served as co-coordinator of the Under 10 and the Under 12 House Leagues. 1979 to 82 served three years as Secretary of the MPSA. 1982 to 84 served two years as Vice-President of the MPSA. 1976 served as co-coordinator of the Under 8 House League. 1980 to 1990 coached Mount Pearl Boys All-Star teams from Under 12 to Under 18. His teams won the Under 16 Provincial Championship in 1984 and the Under 18 Provincial Championship in 1988. Coached the Mount Pearl Intermediate Team which won the St. John’s Intermediate Championship in 1992. Served as Assistant Coach with the Mount Pearl Challenge Cup Team with Ed Moyst as Head Coach in 1990. Early in 2010 became a regular volunteer with the MPSA Alumni Committee which took on the task of contacting several hundred potential Alumni members. Bob was a regular attendee at Alumni Committee meetings and contributed to the ultimate formation of the MPSA Alumni. Served as the Avalon Director on the Board of the Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Association for two years. Coached the Mount Pearl Boys U-16 Team to the Provincial Championship in 1984 and coached the Mount Pearl Boys U-18 Team to the Provincial Championship in 1988. Coached the Mount Pearl U-16 Team at the Atlantic Championships in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia in 1984 and the Mount Pearl U-18 Team at the Atlantic Championships in Saint John, NB in 1988. Bob Wood made a very significant contribution to the growth and development of soccer in Mount Pearl for over fifteen years as a member of the MPSA Executive and as an All-star Coach. He served two years as a Director, three years as Secretary, and two years as Vice-President. Bob also was a very valuable select team coach. He coached Mount Pearl Boys All-Star Teams at the Under 12, 14, 16, and 18 age groups winning Provincial Championships at the Under 18 in 1984 at the Under 16 in 1988.   He also coached both of these two teams at the Atlantic Championships. Bob moved up to coach Mount Pearl Intermediate Teams for several years and won the 1992 Intermediate Championship in the St. John’s Intermediate Soccer League. Bob Wood’s coaching contribution helped to make Mount Pearl one of the top youth soccer clubs at the Provincial level in the 1980s and 90s. This was during the period in which the MPSA grew from a “Youth” program into a full soccer club. In addition to his “Builders” activities, Bob played in the Mount Pearl Recreational Soccer League and with the Mount Pearl Masters Team in the St. John’s Masters Soccer League.

Martin Batterson - 2010

1985 to 1987 coached minor house league in MPSA Boys U10 division. 1987 obtained Level 3 Referee Classification. 1986 to 2004 officiated in Mount Pearl at house league, Provincial tournaments, invitational tournaments, and Super Soccer Saturday. Also coordinated and scheduled officials for various tournaments. 1988 received the MPSA “Volunteer of the Year” award for his efforts and time developing and promoting the officiating program in Mount Pearl. 1995* obtained Level I Referee Classification which gave him the opportunity to officiate in the St. John’s Senior Divisions and also the Newfoundland Challenge Cup. At the same time maintained a relationship with the MPSA which benefited greatly from Martin’s experience. 1990 to 2007 performed “informal” assessments on many minor officials in the MPSA system, which not only helped the individual but also the minor program. 1997* developed clinic for Level 4 youth officials in Mount Pearl. So successful was expanded to St. John’s and accepted by NLSA. 1997 to 2007* conducted many NLSA-sanctioned official clinics for MPSA and surrounding communities. 1990 to 2000 scheduled and coordinated officials for the Boys 4A High School league of which many boys from the MPSA program played for the two high schools in Mount Pearl. 2000 to 2007 wrote many articles and papers, including quizzes, on officiating for the MPSA newsletters. This in itself generated much interest in the Mount Pearl soccer community. 2003 to 2008* as rep from Mount Pearl served on the NLSA Referee Committee. 1995 to 2000 refereed Men’s Sr. Indoor League at the Reid Community Centre. 1995 to 2005 refereed in various MPSA minor indoor leagues including the annual Mount Pearl Winter Carnival (Frosty Festival). 2000 to 2006 served 5 years as Director of MPSA (Director of Officials) and 1 year as Vice-President. While serving on the MPSA Executive was a member of many committees including the Technical Committee and Management Committee. Martin was also a member of the groups that rewrote the “House League” and “All-Star” manuals. As an Executive member he was also involved with the development and building of the new Hut; rewriting the MPSA Constitution (including the elimination of the residency rule), and implementing “small-sided games” for the house leagues. 2001 as Director of Officials developed MPSA “Fee Structure” for officials. This “Fee Structure” was upgraded several times while Martin was Director of Officials. 2007*  became NLSA Provincial Assessor, assessing at Club, Provincial, and National tournaments, many of which were hosted or co-hosted by Mount Pearl. In 2007 Martin was awarded “The Ross Arlett Award” by the NLSA for his outstanding contribution to officiating. Since he arrived in Mount Pearl in 1985 Martin Batterson has been one of the most respected volunteers with Mount Pearl Soccer. Martin has honed his soccer skills as a top official and assessor, which has not only benefited the MPSA in particular but the NLSA in general. His expertise as an official is only secondary to the time and effort he has given as an Executive member of the MPSA. His work ethic and genuine interest in the MPSA and youth of Mount Pearl over the past 20 years is second to none. * These activities and achievements had both local and provincial applications.

Austin Martin - 2009

1972 played and helped run the men’s senior recreation league for approximately 10 years. 1974 coordinated the boys' pee wee division in the MPSA house league and coached a pee wee team. 1975 - 1979 served on the MPSA Executive as Director and coordinated various minor house league divisions including the Midget and PeeWee divisions (later renamed U10 and 12 divisions). 1980 - 1981 served on the MPSA Executive as Vice-Chairman. 1982 - 1983 served on MPSA Executive as Director and also the Provincial Minor Chairman for the NSA during this time. 1984 - 1985 served on MPSA Executive as Chairman. 1975 - 1987 served as a Class 3 official and officiated MPSA minor house league games plus Provincial Tournaments hosted by MPSA. 1974 - 1989 served as a level 3 coach and was very active and successful in coaching boys' house league and all-star teams. 1984 was co-coach of the Boys Under 12A which won the NL Provincial Championship. 1984 was co-coach of the Boys Under 18A which won the NL Provincial Championship and represented province at Atlantics. 1985 was co-coach of the Boys Under 16A which won the NL Provincial Championship. 1987 was the coach of the Boys Under 16A which won the NL Provincial Championship. 1988 was co-coach of the Boys Under 16A which won the NL Provincial Championship and represented the province at the Atlantics. 1989 was coach of the Boys Under 18 which won the St. John’s League Championship. From 1972 to 1989 Austin Martin was a very active volunteer and supporter of the Mount Pearl soccer program and was a “hands-on” person who gave freely of his time and energy. Whether as a senior recreation player, a minor house league or all-star coach, a Director, Vice Chairman or Chairman of the MPSA, or Provincial Minor Chairman for the Newfoundland Soccer Assn., the love of the game and the interest of the youth was uppermost in all his actions. The soccer community of Mount Pearl has been very fortunate that Austin took the time and interest to help develop the MPSA into the success it is today.

Charlie Adams - 2009

1975 - 1977 Director MPSA Executive. 1982 - 1983 Director MPSA Executive. 1975 - 1980 a player with the men’s senior recreation league. 1974 - 1985 was a coach and volunteer of various age groups in the MPSA boy’s house league, Under 8 to Under 16 and coordinator for the boy’s house league divisions. Charlie was also a Class 3 referee for house league games. 1975 - 1978 Coordinated and chaired the development of the Upper Smallwood Soccer Field which included: Numerous meetings with Town Engineers and representatives, Performed engineering and quantity surveys to develop pertinent fill estimates, Established grades to ensure proper drainage, Performed area surveys to estimate the required sodded area, Produced design and engineering drawings to guide actual field work, Revisited site to reset and recheck grades to ensure fieldwork according to plan, Met with Town Engineers, representatives and project personnel on a regular basis until project was completed, On completion of field to required grade, helped MPSA volunteers with laying of some 40,000 sq ft of sods (approx. half of total sods laid). 1979 - 1980 Designed and produced construction drawings for a pavilion adjacent to Upper Smallwood field. On approval to commence construction of this building: Prepared “List of Materials” for the project, Developed estimates for inclusion in proposals to various funders, Held numerous meetings/phone conversations with funding agencies to discuss and/or refine proposals, Numerous periodic site visits to ensure construction proceeded as per plans. Notwithstanding Charlie Adams’ contribution as a volunteer coach, official, and executive member for some 12 years, the Mount Pearl Soccer Association was extremely fortunate that this person gave freely of his professional abilities when developing and constructing the Upper Smallwood field and the original “Hut”. With a background in civil engineering and surveying, Charlie took on the task of heading up these two important projects. From 1975 to 1980 he spent immeasurable time on behalf of the MPSA performing the actual surveying, meeting with various Town officials, and contractors to ensure the Association’s interests were protected. In a relatively short period of time since its formation and with the assistance of the Town of Mount Pearl and various government funding, the Mount Pearl Soccer Association had developed and built a first-class, regulation, soccer field and also its own clubhouse. The volunteer and professional contribution by Charlie Adams to these two projects contributed greatly to their success.

Angus Barrett - 2003

Honorary Life Member - 2015

Active with the MPSA since late the 1970s up to the mid-1990s as a minor house league, minor all-star, Summer Games, and senior coach; also a Class 2 official for minor and senior leagues within Mount Pearl and also minor and senior tournaments hosted by Mount Pearl. As a coach Angus has an impressive gold medal record in every age group with Provincial minor tournaments from the Boys Under 12, 14, 16, 18, and Junior to the NL Summer Games gold medal in 1992. Angus spent six years as a very active member of the MPSA Executive, two of which as Vice-President. The early, growing years of the Mount Pearl Soccer Association required lots of guidance and direction. Angus Barrett contributed a wealth of experience and expertise to overcome some of these growing problems. The soccer community of Mount Pearl was very fortunate to have a person of Angus’ expertise, dedication, and commitment to the game. In the mid-1990s Angus went on to serve the NLSA as President for 4 years and then the CSA in various executive and committee roles. Notwithstanding, Angus was, and is, always prepared to contribute to the betterment of the game. Executive positions held with MPSA; Vice-President - 1985 and 1986, Director - 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, and 1984, Total 7 years.

Herb Jenkins - 2003

Honorary Life Member - 2021

Herb has been active since the late 1970s with the MPSA. He has coached many minor boy’s teams that have competed in NLSA Provincial competition and has won a number of Provincial and Atlantic Tournaments with the Mount Pearl teams. Also a Coach/Assistant Coach of several teams that represented Mount Pearl at the Provincial Summer Games. Most recently he was Assistant Coach of the Mount Pearl Boys Under 16A team that won the 2003 Provincial Tournament and had a tremendous performance finishing in 5th place at the National Tournament held in Surrey, BC in October 2003. Herb has taken a number of minor teams on trips to invitational tournaments in mainland Canada and Great Britain. Herb conducted numerous minor coaching clinics and camps in the Mount Pearl area in the late 1970s and early 1980s. In 1977 Herb was the first Newfoundlander to become a National Referee and continued to pass on his expertise by conducting many officiating clinics for the MPSA and also surrounding communities. As a volunteer, he has officiated for many years with the MPSA house leagues as well as Provincial and Invitational Tournaments. Herb has been involved with the soccer program in Mount Pearl for some 25 years. His distinctive, successful, method of coaching the youth of Mount Pearl, together with his dedication and commitment to the game has been recognized and applauded. In 1996 the NLSA recognized Herb’s contribution to the soccer community and named him “Provincial Coach of the Year”. In 1997 he was inducted into the NLSA Hall of Fame. His induction to the MPSA Hall of Fame is recognized by the Mount Pearl Soccer community for a job well done. Executive positions held with MPSA; Director - 1978, 1979, 1996, 1998, and 1999.

Ben Dunne - 2003

Ben has been active since the early 1980s as a minor coach with the MPSA house league. From that date to 2002 he coached at every minor level up to the women’s senior teams in the St. John’s Senior League. Ben is the most successful coach in the MPSA history with over 10 gold medals in Provincial minor and Senior tournaments, and St. John’s Senior competition. He was also the coach of the Newfoundland team at the Canada Games in 1993. In 2002 he coached the Mount Pearl Senior Women’s team that represented Newfoundland & Labrador at the Nationals which was hosted by St. John’s/Mount Pearl. Not only did Ben excel in coaching these female teams, but he was also a very active member of the MPSA Executive from 1987 to 1991. Ben was also a qualified coaching instructor and ran many theory and practical clinics for the MPSA. During the twenty years associated with the MPSA, Ben has given immeasurable time and expertise to the MPSA program in general, and the female program specifically. Ben is one of the main reasons why the female soccer program is so popular and successful within the MPSA. His contribution as a builder and proponent for women’s equality with our local soccer programs has had very positive results. The future of women’s soccer has benefited immensely from Ben Dunne’s contribution. Executive positions held with MPSA; Director - 1987, 1989, 1990, and 1991.

Ed Moyst - 1997

Honorary Life Member - 2013

1983 - Host Chairman, Boys Under 14 Canadian Eastern Tournament. 1983 & 1984 - Coach Mount Pearl Boys Under 12 All-Star Team - Provincial Gold Medal. 1985 & 1986 - Coach Mount Pearl Boys Under 14 All-Star Team - Provincial Gold Medal. 1988 - Tech. Chairman (Soccer) Nfld. & Labrador Summer Games (hosted by Mt. Pearl). 1990 - Coach Mount Pearl Men’s Sr. Team in St. John’s League and Prov. Challenge Cup. 1995 & 1996 - NLSA Representative for Mount Pearl Region. Officiating for approximately 30 years, Class 2 Certificate. Including Provincial, Atlantic, and National Tournaments hosted by St. John’s and Mount Pearl. Holder of Level 3 Technical Coaching Certificate. Executive positions held with MPSA; Chairman - 1973 - 1976; 1979 - 1983, Vice-Chairman - 1988 - 1989, Director - 1977 - 1978; 1984 - 1987. Total of 17 years.

Keith Welsh - 1997

Keith was a Minor official with the MPSA for approx. 15 years, including various age house leagues and Provincial minor tournaments. Minor house league coach for 4 years and a player with the men’s senior recreation league for 6 years. Keith was instrumental in taking the lead in setting up the initial MPSA financial activities including preparation of budgets; control of spending; fundraising; and in the late 1970s handling of various grants to develop the Upper Smallwood field. Executive positions held with MPSA; Treasurer - 1973 - 1983, Total 11 years.

Charlie Chaytor - 1997

Honorary Life Member - 2015

1969-1971 coached minor soccer with Kinsmen Club of Mount Pearl Minor Soccer League. 1972-73 together with other senior soccer players was instrumental in forming the MPSA. 1973-1983 coached and officiated in various minor divisions including coaching several all-star teams from Mount Pearl. 1979 was the coach of the Boys U14 team which won the first Provincial Championship for Mount Pearl. 1974 founding member of the first MPSA Referee Association. 1974-1978 a member of Men’s Sr. Recreation League committee. 1996 inducted into the Mount Pearl Sports Hall of Fame in the “Athlete Builder” category. 1997 inducted into the Mount Pearl Soccer Association Hall of Fame in the Builder” category. Executive positions held with MPSA; Vice-President - 1976, 1977, 1979, and 1982, Director - 1973, 1974, 1975, 1978, 1980, and 1981. Total 10 years.

Jim Bulger - 1997

980 became involved in the girls’ divisions of the MPSA as a coordinator, official, and coach. In 1986 began to coach girls’ all-star teams and over 10 years won 6 Provincial titles, 1 “Gunn Balderson” title, and a “Metro City Championship”. Also coached the Mount Pearl Central High School Ladies' team to two Provincial titles. 1986 named “Volunteer of the Year” for MPSA.1997 coordinated the compilation and publication of a 25th Anniversary booklet for the MPSA. 1997 was inducted into the MPSA Hall of Fame in the “Builder” category. Over 24 years from 1975 to 1998, Jim has served the MPSA in many capacities. Besides being a coach, official, executive member, and coordinator, he was also involved in developing the Upper Smallwood field; assisted with maintenance of the Hut and equipment; and developed car wash equipment which was used in many fundraising projects for teams and the MPSA. Executive positions held with MPSA; Vice-President - 1990 and 1991, Director - 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, and 1989. Total 7 years.

Neil McLeod - 1997

1970-1972 Minor coach with the Kinsmen Club of Mount Pearl Minor Soccer League. 1974 - 1998 Minor soccer official. Class 3 official participating in local house leagues as both a referee and linesman; Provincial minor tournaments hosted by Mount Pearl; Eastern Canada and National minor tournaments hosted by Mount Pearl (1996 “Snickers” National Boys & Girls U17 Tournament; 1988 Newfoundland and Labrador Summer Games; 1983 Eastern Canada Boys U14 Tournament; Boys and Girls U16 National Tournament). 1973 - 1993 officiated (referee/linesman) in the Mount Pearl Men’s Recreation Soccer League. 1994 - 1998 a player and organizer of the men’s Master’s soccer team which competed in the St. John’s League. This included handling/collecting player fees and disbursement of same; liaison with the MPSA office and executive, and also the St. John’s League. Neil has contributed over 30 years to the soccer community of Mount Pearl and continues to be one of the MPSA’s biggest supporters. Executive positions held with MPSA; Director - 1974, 1975, 1976, and 1977.

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